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Truckers Can Avoid Costly Deer Collisions

CALGARY, June 1, 2005 -- Owner-operators and trucking companies can dramatically reduce their risk for costly deer collisions with a new product now available in Canada.  In independent beta testing, The Hornet Deer Avoidance System reduced deer collisions by 70%.

The electronic system mounts on the front grill of a rig, drawing a low amount of power from the truck's battery.  It emits a high-frequency, directional sonic wave that bounces ahead off the roadway.  This wave alerts deer and most other animals up to a half kilometer away that something large and loud is approaching.  That provides more time and distance to avoid deer/vehicle collisions.


Drivers Can Avoid Potentially Deadly Deer Collisions

CALGARY, November 9, 2004 -- Motorists on Alberta's rural roads should be extra careful this time of year.  November to mid-December is mating season for deer, which means the risk of hitting one of the animals is much greater.

Crashes involving deer usually mean a dead animal, damaged vehicles, and in repeat cases, higher insurance premiums.  But sometimes the consequences are much worse.  Each year, dozens of people are killed in the xxx deer collisions on Canada's highways.

There are many ways to avoid a run-in with a deer.  Police recommend driving the speed limit, leaving plenty of space ahead of your vehicle and keeping your eyes peeled at dawn and dusk, when deer like to graze along roadways.



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